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Walter Dorn conceived the idea of video games for peacekeeping in 2017 while working at the United Nations as a “Protection Technology and Innovation Expert.” He wanted a visual tool to show how technologies could be applied in UN field operations. He also saw the potential of digital platforms to assist with peacekeeping training and public education. He has also written on a blog post on his vision and experience.


He looked for peacekeeping digital games online but found none that were satisfactory. None illustrated the principles of UN peacekeeping and the means to prevent shooting of civilians and mass atrocity. His efforts were summarized in the paper “Peacekeeping Simulation: From Wargames to Peacegames.”


Peacekeeping simulations & games are designed to show the ethical and practical dilemmas in UN peace operations, based on real-life scenarios.


Given the enthusiasm for the project from many people and certain leaders at the United Nations, a team of advisors was easily assembled with wide-ranging expertise. Their volunteer assistance is much appreciated. 


Funding for research and prototype development is gratefully acknowledged from: Canadian Pugwash Group,  Dallaire Centre for Peace and Security, Government of Ontario, Sheridan College, and World Federalist Movement – Canada.  Further support is being sought for full game development.