Module 1: Investigating Atrocity


Prepare for an immersive and emotionally charged experience as we embark on a gripping video playthrough of Investigating Atrocity.” In this simulation module, we follow the journey of a dedicated peacekeeper tasked with unravelling the truth behind a devastating attack on the fictional village of Maremane.


In the wake of a tragic and brutal assault, tensions are running high in Maremane. The peacekeeper, guided by their commitment to justice and preserving peace, is entrusted with the critical mission of conducting a thorough investigation to identify the perpetrators, motives, and circumstances surrounding the horrifying incident.


As the playthrough begins, players assume the role of the peacekeeper, stepping into a world torn apart by violence and grief. The visuals and storytelling effectively immerse players in a world where every decision carries weighty consequences. The investigation unfolds through a series of interactive scenarios, where players must meticulously collect evidence, interview witnesses, and make difficult choices while dealing with conflicting accounts and vested interests.


The choices made throughout the investigation will significantly impact the course of events, leading to multiple branching narratives and a variety of potential outcomes. The module challenges players’ critical thinking, empathy, and moral compass as they navigate through the gray areas of conflicting information and hidden agendas. Ethical dilemmas emerge, forcing players to weigh the demands of justice against the need for stability and reconciliation in the fragile aftermath of the attack.


Early Prototypes




Climate Security and Peace Operations

Welcome to “Climate-Affected Conflict,” an immersive simulation module that delves into the complex interplay between climate change and its impact on global conflicts. In this video playthrough, we embark on a thought-provoking journey that explores how environmental changes can profoundly influence socio-political landscapes and escalate tensions in areas experiencing conflict.