What is the Peacekeeping Simulation?

The Peacekeeping Simulation game is a sophisticated, immersive learning tool designed to train peacekeepers and educate the general public about the important international activity of peacekeeping. Unlike other digital simulations that focus on warfighting, this game offers scenario-based learning that reflects the everyday realities of peacekeepers. The game’s purpose is to help players prepare for and understand the complex social situations in modern conflict zones that can be difficult to replicate in a classroom setting.


The game’s scenario, “Investigating Atrocity,” involves an attack on a border village that has been prone to outbursts of conflict. As the UNMO Team Leader, the player must investigate the situation in the village, including arson, the killing of cattle, and the kidnapping and disappearance of civilians, including minors. The game requires players to pay attention to security updates, proceed with caution when interacting with villagers, and consider the principle of impartiality when phrasing questions. Through this scenario, players will gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by peacekeepers in conflict zones and how to approach complex situations with care and sensitivity.


playthroughs by military officers, UN Military staff and Expert Consultants


Years in development


of master-level students playing and providing their feedback to improve the simulation


modules with different simulated experiences